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What if...you could take professional level photos n 8 weeks?

Finally Achieve the Photos You've Always Wanted!









Program starts January 18 and runs through March 8

YES, I Want to Conquer My Camera!
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The problem is...

You bought a fancy camera with hopes to take beautiful photos of your kids and document their childhood. 


You quickly discovered that it doesn't take amazing photos right out of the box. They may be dark, grainy, blurry, and just not what you envisioned. 

Maybe you joined a bunch of photography related groups or have been watching endless YouTube videos trying to figure it all out. It just seems so overwhelming and frustrating! 

Perhaps your camera is still sitting in the box and you just haven't felt like pulling it out. After all, you have a better chance of getting the photo you want with your cell phone.

Meet Your Instructor

Valerie Schoenfeld

  • Mom to Three Young Boys

  • Professional Family & Child Photographer

  • Former Public School Educator

  • Published Photographer: Fervent Focus Magazine
    Published Photographer: The Honest Lens

    How Would Your Photos Be Different if You Could:

  • Capture memories of your kids on the camera you currently have that you are proud to share and hang on your walls

  • Pick up your camera and know exactly what settings to choose to get your desired photo

  • ​Get your photos right in camera so you don't have to do much editing if at all

  • Wow your family and friends with your photos and even get them asking you to take their photos

  • Confidently take photos indoors and outdoors in any lighting condition

  • Capture genuine smiles and reduce frustration when taking photos of young kids

  • Conquer Your Camera With My 4-Step System

    ISO grainy photo
    aperture; bokah; depth of field
    shutter speed; blurry photos
    manual mode

    Plus 3 Bonus Lessons



    natural smiles from kids
    mobile editing
    mobile presets


    beginner to intermediate editing in Lightroom

    Are You Ready to Learn a Step-By-Step Process to Conquer Your Camera?

    Then you are in the right place! I was in your shoes about 5 years ago. I bought my camera because I wanted beautiful photos of my kids. I quickly became frustrated. It sat in the bag and I rarely took it out except to attempt to capture some holiday photos. I watched countless videos trying to figure it all out. I joined every group I could and soaked it all in. But it was a LOT of information, and I couldn't sort through it all. After about 3 and a half years, I decided to take my first class and it was a GAME CHANGER! 

    ...And I found my passion! I went on to be mentored by my teacher to start my very own photography business the next month.

    This program compiles everything I've learned in the past 5 years and focuses on ONLY WHAT YOU NEED right now in your journey. 

    As a former teacher, I am able to simplify the information in a way that anybody can do it! The course includes, simple assignments to hone in and help you practice and perfect each skill along the way. I designed the program in a way that by the time you get to manual mode, it will feel so seamless that you will wonder what you were so scared of and why you haven't learned this sooner!You will want to pull out your fancy camera to take more photos because you know exactly what you need to do to capture the perfect moment and you know your phone can't compare!

    Learning How to Use Your Camera Does Not Need to be Complicated!

    4 LIVE Weekly Lessons 

    Learn through 4 LIVE, highly-engaging lessons where you will have the chance to ask any questions and connect and learn with other moms.

    3 Self-Paced Lessons

    Learn additional concepts that will advance your photography skills at your own pace.

    Feedback & Support

    Valerie Schoenfeld personally leaves constructive feedback on all of your assignments and answers any questions you have.

    Weekly Assignments

    With these weekly assignments, not only will you practice the skill but they are designed to help you discover why to use different settings.

    PDF Notes & Guides

    A PDF workbook is included to take notes on all of the lessons. Photo guides are also included for quick reference for each new skill learned.

    Photo Analysis

    Ever look at a photo and wonder why it turned out blurry? A favorite component of the course is the LIVE photo analysis where we dissect photos together. This is sure to give you a more critical eye.


    Before & After Photos by Graduate Christine Fleming

    Before & After Photos by Graduate Melissa Ciba

    Before & After Photos by Graduate Jodie Stearns


    We'll Spend 8 Weeks Learning Together!

    Week 1

    LIVE Welcome & Orientation

    Monday, January 18

    9 pm EST/8 CST/7 MST/6 PST

    Week 2

    Monday, January 25

    9 pm EST/8 CST/7 MST/6 PST

    Week 3

    Monday, February 1

    9 pm EST/8 CST/7 MST/6 PST

    Week 4

    Monday, February 8

    9 pm EST/8 CST/7 MST/6 PST

    Week 5

    Monday, February 15

    9 pm EST/8 CST/7 MST/6 PST

    Week 6

    LIVE Q&A

    Monday, February 22

    9 pm EST/8 CST/7 MST/6 PST

    Week 7

    LIVE Q&A

    Monday, March 1

    9 pm EST/8 CST/7 MST/6 PST

    Week 8

    Monday, March 8

    9 pm EST/8 CST/7 MST/6 PST

    *Pre-Recorded Lessons with LIVE Q&A

    *LIVE Lessons

    This program is like NO OTHER out there!

    You are learning LIVE with other MOMS and connecting in a way that I have yet to find!

    4 LIVE Lessons - 4 Step Process to Shooting in Manual Mode


    3 Pre-Recorded Lessons


    2 LIVE Q&A Sessions


    BONUS #1: Tips for Kids


    BONUS #2: Mobile Editing


    BONUS #3: My Mobile Presets


    FAST ACTION BONUS: Mini Editing Course Using Lightroom


    Total Value





    If you are actively participating in lessons and are not satisfied with your progress after 30 days, you are eligible for a 100% money back guarantee. 

    You Are READY to Conquer Your Camera if You Are:

  • A complete beginner or have been dabbling in photography for awhile

  • Wondering why your photos are grainy, dark, blurry, and/or unfocused

  • Tired of trying to figure it out on your own.

  • Searching for a simple, quick way to learn manual mode

  • Ready to take better photos TODAY not in years from now

  • ​Looking for someone to walk you through the process step by step

  • Ready to develop a critical eye on your photos

  • Willing to commit 90 minutes a week to develop your photography skills while connecting with other moms

  • Conquer Your Camera is NOT for You If:

  • You are content with the quality of your photos

  • You already know how to shoot in manual and understand the exposure triangle in a way that you know exactly what settings to use to achieve your desired photo

  • You are content spending hours upon hours to continue to learn how to use your camera without personalized guidance from an expert

  • You aren't willing or able to put about 90 minutes worth of time each week to focus on the material and practice

  • Hear What Others Are Saying...

    "I just wanted to say THANK YOU, Valerie for this wonderful class! You helped me become a better, more confident photographer. As you all know, I had to get better fast because I was the photographer for my sisters wedding this past weekend. I used the techniques Val taught us and am pretty pleased with how they turned out. Most importantly, my sister loves them!"

    Christine Fleming

    May 2020 Graduate

    "I highly recommend this class to anyone with any type of camera. I went from never using the camera because I was so intimidated by it (I didn't even know what the buttons did and could only get dark pictures) to actually taking pictures I'm proud of after just the first lesson!"

    Melissa Ciba

    May 2020 Graduate

    "Signing up to conquer my camera is one of the best things I did this year for myself - and my family. This is THE course you need to take if you love taking photos of your family, if you have a camera or are planning to buy one (because Valerie will help you with that too). The biggest difference between this course and others out there - even those targeting moms - is the amazing live format. You get to ask questions in class, your assignments get a lot of individual attention, plus you will have a close knit group of ladies to cheer each other on as you go through the journey together, and beyond. Before taking the course, I never touched a camera in a decade. I take lots of pictures on my phone, but sometime during the course, my preference changed and I started carrying around a camera. Valerie makes it so easy to learn, with lots of examples (of your own photos!) and time to practice each skill. I now have so many more good photos of my family and only wish I could've done this years ago. Looking forward to continuing to share and learn with my fellow graduates!"

    Madeline Wong

    September 2020 Graduate

    "When I found out about the Conquer Your Camera class, I decided that this was my chance to FINALLY learn how to use my DSLR camera after having it for 10 years (most of which was spent in the bag). Before this class, I was very much a beginner. I thought that I should be able to pick up my camera, take a picture, and it turn out great because it was an expensive camera. I had no real knowledge of how my camera worked, how to adjust settings, and the importance of light. This class changed everything for me. I went from taking a picture and immediately packing my camera back away after getting frustrated with the quality of the picture taken to being excited to take pictures and keeping my camera available for picture-worthy moments that may arise....and also being proud of my pictures!"

    Katie Noble

    June 2020 Graduate

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